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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wednesday ,The 9th, 1st Day of Lent

I have always enjoyed the season of Lent. It is one of the things that I wish the Protestant church would embrace more. I guess I understand why they don't embrace it. They hate anything remotely Catholic...just kidding, sort of. I think they probably reject it because it gives an appearance of showing up grace. Which, in truth, is probably why I like it. Grace is tough. It is tough for me to accept. My pride always wants to feed itself by believing there is something I can do to cleanse my soul. I know it is hogwash. But my pride wants me to believe I can somehow work and win my way into God's favor. It is my pride that only wants to bow down to grace when it is stuck in a corner and defeat seems imminent. That's why the thing that I am giving up for the Lenten season is my pride. I want to give it up and never see it again. I want to give up all inklings of stubbornness and try and keep my nose down on the ground, so I can't look down on people. I want to be humble. So I am giving up pride, that and Dr. Peppers. Both seem to fill me up with useless crap and keep me bloated and on edge. I want to give them both up for good. And hopefully, come the day after Easter, I won't be taking a big gulp of both of them.


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