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Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday, The 14th, The 6th Day of Lent

Let me explain why it is good to be single on Valentine's Day. That reason is that I have no chance of really saying anything stupid to a woman that I care about.
I am no Don Juan, but I can sweet talk with the best of them. But there is always something inside my head that says, "Hey Lafe, why don't you say something really really stupid." Now I know almost every man can put their foot in their mouth while talking to women. But I never seem to stop when I get to the ankle and by the time I know it my knee is next.

The funny thing is I always give my buddies advice. When I asked one friend who was away on business what he was going to do for his wife, he said that he was trying to figure out what to bring her back. I asked him what is he sending here, he told me that she told him that they he didn't need to do anything big. I told him he needed to get her something, send her something on Valentine's Day. He still sounded like he wasn't buying it. I told him, look, I am not married, but I know about acting like a complete jackass with women. And that if he didn't do anything for her he was going to be pulling a "Lafe."


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