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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thursday, the 10th, 2nd Day of Lent

I had a lucid dream last night. In case you don't know what a lucid dream is, it is a dream that one can consciously control instead of being controlled by the subconscious. I must admit I have never had a lucid dream, nor had I ever really believed in lucid dreaming before. But this is so weird. I didn't dream of scoring touchdowns. I didn't dream of being famous and driving really nice cars. I didn't dream of going back in time and growing up in what now seem to be simpler times. I didn't even dream of women, no there was no debauchery in my lucid dream. No, I decided that I wanted to sleep in my dream. I was so tired that my dream could have been anything, there was a Genie that told me so. But my only wish was to sleep. Weird huh? I figure in a few weeks, when I am jonesing for a Dr. Pepper, I will probably having a lucid dream of swimming in a pool of Dr. Pepper. Maybe those hot Latin women that sing in the Dr. Pepper song from the commercial will be in my lucid dream too. And then after swimming we will jump in a hot tub filled with Dr. Pepper. Wouldn't that be fun? That and not a Mr. Pibb in sight.


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