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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thursday, The 17th, 9th Day of Lent

I have been craving a Dr. Pepper. I haven't caved though. But I have been thinking about the sacrifices of Jesus. His forty days out in the desert, alone with nothing but himself and the devil must have been amazingly horribly. I have only thought that I have known loneliness, but nothing compares to His loneliness. His hunger must have been close to killing him. And here I am wanting a Dr. Pepper while watching let night TV. The selfishness that I harbor and the pettiness of my life astounds me when I compare it to Christ's. And someday, when my life is over, my death will be nothing like his. Because whenever I die, my life will end on Earth. But He will be waiting on the other side.

How stupid is it that my life seems different because I am not drinking Dr. Peppers for a little over a month?


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