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Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday the 18th, 38th day of Lent

Here is the thing about trying to protect the Easter Bunny, when the Easter Bunny is wandering the mall waving to people, there is little that I can do to protect the Easter Bunny. There is 360 degrees of open space where crying kids hopped up on slushies from Sonic can attack from. There is 360 degrees of open space for any punk kid who thinks he is first punk kid, and coincidentally the coolest punk kid ever, to come and try and bear hug the Easter Bunny. There is 360 degrees of open space for any bastard to take a swipe at the Easter Bunny, blindsiding him into the next zip code. But yet, the Easter Bunny still wants to wander the halls of the mall, handing out coloring books to kids and waving until the Easter Bunny's arm falls off. And the worst part of it is, there is nothing I can do except stand beside the Easter Bunny and try to protect the Easter Bunny and lead the Easter Bunny back to the set to take pictures.

Today the Easter Bunny was hit three times, all by punk kids while the Easter Bunny was waving to someone and then blindsided.

Punk kids.


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