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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Next Project: The Good People Project

I have been thinking about what to do for a next Blog project. I have enjoyed writing something everyday, kinda dwelling on something and musing about something. I think I am going to take the next few days off, maybe making an occasional post here or there. But the day after Easter I am going to start the Good People Project. I always hear people say, "yeah, he is good people" and I like the term. I like classifying people in the Good People category for whatever reason. So I am going to have a forty day project, just because it seems like a good number, about people I admire, friends and family I enjoy, and people I love or have loved. Some people I know personally, some I have only known through their art. All of them have moved me in one way or the other. But all of them are good people in my book, or in this case, blog.

This is more of a project than a list. The people I write about will be in no particular order, and not a complete list of people I value. It's just 40 people that come to mind when I think of good people. I hope no one takes offense to being included on the list or not on the list.


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