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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday the 12th, 32nd day of Lent

I worked all day today. The worst and most fun part of my day was tonight. I worked at the mall and was the Easter Bunny. The suit was hot and the big rabbit head was even hotter. The sweat was just dripping in my eyes and there wasn't anything I could do about it. It got pretty boring too after a while. A few people would come up and sit on my lap for pictures. But mostly I just waved to people. Most of them smiled back at me. After a while it became a game to me. I would try to see who I could get to wave to me. I would wave at every good looking woman that was talking on a phone. I would wave to all the guys that were mean and tough. But the one's I enjoyed waving to the most were the little old ladies. It made me feel good to think that as we age we lose our innocence, but maybe we gain it back a little bit in our later years. Maybe the magic we lost when we were trying to be cool or grown-up comes back.


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