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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday the 6th, 26th day of Lent

It wasn't opening day today, but it felt like it to me. I went to my first baseball game of the year. Thought I had no really rooting interests in the game, I enjoyed it. I took a book, read a little bit between innings and during pitching changes. The game moved pretty slow and I relaxed. All the fans booed the umpire because of his judgment of balls and strikes. I just sat there silently eat an apple (which was the largest apple I had ever seen) for 2 innings. I never made a sound at the game besides the crunching of my apple and the occasional laugh while reading the book. The ping of the bat would awaken me just in time to look back at the field and try to find the ball rocketing towards an extended glove. There were people behind me talking and cussing and whining so much that I moved seats. I moved out of the sun, which had forced me to turn my hat around after only a few batters. I sat in the shade, right behind the backstop. When I finally got bored, I left.

Baseball is such a strange game. It is so complex that it becomes rather simple. It also can be so exciting one-second and then the next moment will be boring. It is a game of spurts, and a game I enjoy watching.


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