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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thursday the 17th, 37 day of Lent

I really wish I was back in Kentucky today. I love the first few days of March Madness. My friends back home all gather in someone's garage with a wide screen projector showing a 70 inch satellite digital view of the game. There are also four other televisions with the other games on all with their own satellite dish. When one game starts getting boring or one game starts to get interesting, someone changes the projection to a good game. There is also a playstation 2 running in the background. Everyone is sitting in those new reclining lawn chairs and eating. The food is unbelievable. All my friend's wives cook these great dishes like Hawaiian ham or bar-b-que. There might be a grill outside to cook any steaks that people bring with them. The wives usually stay in the house and talk and have fun. The kids usually running around and having fun themselves. It is a special time, I think. The men watching basketball, some drinking beer, some drinking Dr. Pepper, eating, screaming, talking, laughing and checking their brackets to see how bad they are already busted during the first day.

Being men.

After the last game, everyone gets their shorts on, the basketball shows, and heads over to the church. The games usually last until way past midnight. It's at about that time that the day full of basketball, ham, drinks, snack, desserts, and sitting around finally take it's toll. Everyone goes home and dreams of basketballs and the next morning, everyone does it again.

There is usually a cover charge of about 20 bucks or so. Everyone is more than happy to help out.

I would pay a hundred bucks or more to be there right now.


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