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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday the 1st, 21st day of Lent

I got an email from my dad yesterday. It was very touching and pretty lengthy for him. Which means a lot to me. My dad doesn't usually write very lengthy emails. But he said that he was thinking about writing me letter when he was out riding his motorcycle Saturday.

I have often wondered what goes through my dad's head while he is blazing down the road on one of his bikes. Maybe nothing really at all. Maybe all those things he wants to tell people but doesn't. Maybe solving problems. Maybe going back into the past and all the situations that are burnt into his tablet of a memory. Maybe he sings in his head. More than likely it is a little bit of everything. Just like me when I am out in my Jeep and the top is down and I got some tunes on my radio. Which, by the way, I can't wait to do this spring. I am ready right now to take the top down, drive down towards Alma through the Boston Mountains and listening to some Ezra on the way down, maybe some John Prine on the way back up.

Anyway, it was a nice email from my dad. It was nice to know that he was thinking of encouraging me while riding down the long highway. Above the speed limit, I'm sure.


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