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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wednesday the 2nd, 22nd day of Lent

The world is changing, it always does I guess. But lately I have been thinking of the recent events in the Middle East. The people of Lebanon want the Syrians out, which I can't say that I blame them too much. The New York Times and a lot of other newspapers have been applauding President Bush for kind of setting the stage for these events in Lebanon with the Iraqi war. I understand that the war in Iraq has been one of the factors in this recent uprising, and I applaud President Bush for that. But I don't think that we can look at what is happening in Lebanon as solely as an effect of the war in Iraq. Communism fell in Europe without any bullets flying. The change, the revolution starts in the young people's hearts. It always has. There is a thirst in everyone young person's soul to be free. There is a spirit revolution in the Middle East. Don't be surprised if Iran is the next country in which it's young people demand democracy and it's freedoms.

But what everyone must remember is that democracy is still an experiment. We will never see a wholly democratic world. It's a capitalist world out there and it will always be.

I think that the next few years will stretch the threads of democracy in the United States, and I just pray that those threads won't be stretched to thin.

Sorry to get so political it's just what my mind has been thinking about lately, but it's not like anyone reads this anyway.


Blogger Drew Caperton said...

wrong. I read your blog Roscoe. Sorry for not commenting sooner.

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