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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chuck Klosteman--Must Read Author and Connoisseur of All Things Pop

Resides--NYC, Maybe, I don't know
Known Since--Reading his first column in Esquire a year or so ago

I buy Esquire every month. I think it is one of the best magazines out there that is funny, stylish, and filled with thought provoking writing.

That being said, every month I buy an issue. And every month the first page I turn to is the monthly column Chuck Klosterman's America.

Klosterman writes about very serious topics like fidelity, community, and mindlessness using parables and analogies that include HBO's reality series Family Bonds, Zack Morris of Saved by the Bell fame, and obscure and trendy music. He lightens the mood and makes you think.

Usually I will read his column a couple of times. Usually I laugh out loud with each reading.

I loved his columns so much that when I found his social commentary book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, I bought it immediately and read through it in a relatively short time.

There is this line from Good Will Hunting which I quote almost all the time whenever I go into most bookstores.

Will says, "You people astound me, you surround yourself with books but they're the wrong f'ing books."

Chuck is on the last of people that I root for B&N to put out in front of the store and try to sell. Also on this list is Steve Yarbrough, Jonathan Tropper, and Wendell Berry. Donald Miller used to be on that list, but it seems that he is getting a much deserved push right now.

Every time I go to the bookstore, I always tell myself I want to read something that moves me. Chuck Klosterman can move me. Usually with a couple of obscure laughs and then a frying pan to the head.


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