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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mitchell Whaley--The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Known Since--1997
Resides--Tupelo, MS (Soon to Be Seattle, WA)

How could I not be friends with a guy who lived in a house where the mailbox said "STUD LAIR" and decorated his room with aluminum foil?

Mitchell is a legend at Ole Miss. He was Van Wilder before there was Van Wilder. He knew everyone at Ole Miss because he was there long enough to meet almost everyone. Still to this day, when I meet someone from Ole Miss, I ask them if they knew Mitchell and they almost always say yes. Usually, if I get even more personal and ask them if Mitchell Whaley ever gave them an oil check they usually laugh and say yes again.

The thing about Mitchell is he is a lot smarter than most people give him credit for. You could ask him a question about almost anything and he would be able to have a conversation about it. He is very well read. Usually when I talk to him on the phone we talk about what books we have read lately.

The fact of the matter is this, Mitchell understands the world. Or at least understands the role he plays in this world. Sometimes that means listening to someone's problems and offering the best advice he can. Sometimes that means calling an 80 year old Mississippi State baseball fan a coward. You just never know with Mitchell.

He has helped me out in many situations. He has let me crash at his place many times. He has come through for tickets to a game many times. He has almost always been the designated driver (and leader) for a night full of laughs and fun.

He is they guy you are always thankful to have on your side.

The only problem is, I sometimes feel that he is more of a friend to me than I am to him.

He is a mighty wookie indeed.

And he is always good for a very funny and a somewhat lewd message on your voicemail.


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Aluminum foil wallpaper? Hmmmmm...

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