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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Smith Family--Michael, Leigh, Aidan, Isaac, Samuel, and Lucy

Known Since--Fall 2002
Reside--Fayetteville, AR

I am sitting here trying to write this after just watching a local news report which profiled Michael and Leigh after making the long trip to China to adopt little Lucy. It's difficult to write because after watching the story, I am crying. Words really can't describe how happy I am for them.

Michael and Leigh are part of the reason that I still live in NW Arkansas. In fact, they were an answered prayer for me. I had just moved here in the fall of 2002 and was trying to find some people I had common interests in. I signed up to try and find a community group with Fellowship Bible Church. There are quite a few community groups in Fayetteville. But one day I went home and found a message from Michael calling me about coming to a community group. I went that next Tuesday and knew that I had found the right place. They welcomed me into their home like they knew me for years.

Michael and Leigh are like the older siblings that everyone wishes that they have.

They have raised three great sons in Aidan, Isaac, and Samuel. They all give out hugs to anyone and everyone who happens to be at the Smith house around bedtime. Aidan is so smart, he rattles of trivia and always wants to learn something new. Isaac is so funny and has a special dance whenever Scott Rolen hits a home run. And I am proud that I have now taught Samuel to raise his hands and say "You want some of this?" whenever I see him.

And now they have adopted Lucy. Lucy is beautiful and will no doubt be smothered in love.

Their journey was prayer filled and a long time coming. The went over to pick her up a couple of weeks ago. Whenever they got back, Aidan had an asthma attack and had to go into the hospital for almost a week. The fatigue they must have felt, the fear they must have felt, I can only imagine. But they got through it like they get through everything, with a prayerful resolve and a focus on Christ's love.

They are wonderful people. I consider them like a surrogate family here in NWA.

And I am a better person for knowing them.


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