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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wendell Berry--Writer, Ecologist, and Farmer

Resides--On his farm in Kentucky
Known since--Reading of "The Memory of Old Jack" in 2000

I have never met Wendell Berry. Not personally. But I have met many of his characters in his books. I know Jayber Crow, Nathan Coulter, and Burley Coulter too. He has made a fascinating town called Port William Township, Ky. out of thin air.

I have heard it said that this boxer or that boxer is pound for pound the best boxer in the world. Well, if you ask me, pound for pound, Wendell Berry is the best writer in America.

He writes these perfect little sentences. They are just perfect. So perfect that sometimes when I read his work, I want to stop writing. Because I know in my heart that I will never write a perfect sentence like Wendell Berry can.

He is also an activist. He writes essays that don't try to divide issues into who is right and who is wrong. He writes essays that make you want to believe in something. He writes essays that make you want to change the world. He writes essays that make you want to think and want to have passion.

I think he is brilliant, and I also think not enough people appreciate his work. More people out to go out and buy one of his books. Any of them, they are all great.


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