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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Birds of a Feather

I have always loved to watch birds. It has been my secret passion for most of my life. When I was a kid, my dream was to be an ornithologist. What can I say, I was a bit of a geeky child. I used to go around the countryside with my best friend, Jeremy, and we would collect bird nest. We would keep them in the little addition to our garage. We had all kinds of nests. We had common Robin, Cardinal, and Blue Jay nests, but we also had exotic ones as well. There were a few nests that were built in the ground by various bird. But the holy grail for us was that of an Oriole.

A Oriole has a very recognizable nest because it looks like a sweatsock made out of dead grass. We acquired it from a family member if I do recall.

So a few days ago, I was rollerblading down the Fayetteville Bike and Walking Trail through the middle of Fayetteville's recent influx of chain stores and restaurants. I was amazed to see a nicely preserved marshland in the middle of town. I was amazed at all the birds that I saw. Blue Jays, a number of different finchs, both male and female Cardinals, and lots of sparrows too.

But just as I was turning around to go back towards my car something darted right in front of me.

The holy Grail maker itself: An Oriole.

I don't know why the Oriole has always had a grip on me. Maybe it is because of it's nest. Maybe it is because the Oriole looks like a sleek sports car that Steve McQueen would drive, black with an orange racing stripe.

But it is my favorite bird, and it made me feel better to see one here. I didn't think they lived this far west, but I guess I was mistaken.

This sighting, coupled with the news of the sighting of the woodpecker long since written off over in Eastern Arkansas makes me want to take up the hobby again. I want to go through all my old books and find my Audobon's Field Guide to North American Birds that my great grandmother gave me when I was 8 years old.


Blogger britt said...

That is so ironic. I was just telling my students about our (rather you and Jeremy's) odd obsession with birds nest. the teacher, I am insisting that the students stay away from birds. I am berating them with comments such as "DON'T TOUCH THEM" and "they have diseases". We actually had an announcement at school stating that no students were to bother the baby robins who had recently set up shop in our courtyard. I plan to pay these robins a soon I can escape those wretched kids. I know they would get me in trouble!
Also, I took a picture of a woodpecker and mallrd during my recent camping adventure! Stop laughing! I have a new love for camping. Want a boa now. May even buy a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Drew Caperton said...

Tonight, unlike most nights, I'm wide awake. I wanted to tell you that you're a tremendous friend and I love you. That's it.

11:41 PM  

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