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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I almost wet myself today during lunch. Not because of anything to do with the tasty Rockin' Chicken Platter I was eating, but because of something I was reading. I was checking out the book news in the USA Today and it talked about the resurgence in fiction this summer. It mentioned John Irving, Terry McMillan, and a bunch of others. But what really got me excited was it said Cormac McCarthy was releasing a book come July.
I have been waiting for this book for almost 6 years.

No Country for Old Men looks to be another classic of McCarthy. Evidently it has also been bought by Paramount Pictures as well.

McCarthy had a previous book, All The Pretty Horses, made into a movie. I thought it was pretty good, but I think that McCarthy's novels on the death of the mythical American West is hard to translate onto the screen.

McCarthy is well known for being a bit of a recluse.

Larry Brown once told me a story that Cormac used to go out to his mailbox everyday and sort through his mail. What he recognized, he would keep. Whatever mail he could not recognize he would throw in an old truck sitting in his driveway. It seems his publishing company was having problems with their accounting. The figured out it had to do with Cormac. So they sent someone down to Eastern Tennessee to see him. Come to find out he had thrown almost a million dollars worth of royalty checks in that old pick up in his drive way.

I am really excited to read this book. I have read all of McCarthy's books. They are deep, dark, violent, and magnetic. I read Child of God, which might be the most disturbing book he has written, in one sitting.

When I go to pick up Jonathan Tropper's new book at B&N, I will make sure to pre-order No Country for Old Men.


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