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Monday, May 16, 2005

Good Ol' Fashion Medicine

I was reading this latest issue of Esquire (it is the issue with Ewan McGregor on the cover and Chuck Klosterman's column about turning 33 years old and realizing that he hasn't doe as much as Jesus. He expounds, maybe a bit blasphemously but humorously, and says that Jesus "knew how to mobilize people, he was a classic storyteller, and he (clearly) wasn't afraid to man-up and take one for the team.")

But in this issue there is also a small article about medical cures. In one of the little blurbs it mentions that doctors at UCLA have started trying to find a cure for cancer using HIV. I guess they are using what they call the "guts" of the HIV virus and splicing it with a harmless virus so that it can help doctors treat cancer. Evidently the spliced virus attacks a protein that is very resistant to the current cancer drugs available.

Right now this is only in the experimental stages.

It makes me hopeful about the future.

The human spirit continues to amaze me. Our leading scientists are using something that for the past 20 years has been such a horrible virus and has killed millions of people, and using it to help people, to cure people with cancer. It boggles my mind how someone even came up with the idea. How does one justify to themselves to spend time, money and energy to figuring out how to use HIV to help treat cancer?

Science continues to amaze me. I know it has gotten a bad rap as of late with cloning, spending too much government money on experiments that don't produce, and ethical issues. But the fact of the matter remains, science can better our lives.


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