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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Little Off the Top

It has been almost 4 years since I have sat in a barber's chair.

I am now a do-it-yourself when it comes to getting my hair cut. Almost 3 years using clippers to shave my hair close to the skin and almost the past 1 year shaving my hair with a Mach3.

In a few weeks, I will be going down Oaxaca, Mexico on a mission trip. I was told this past weekend to prepare for anything. One of the things that they asked us all was if any of us have any experience using clippers. I raise my hand and laughed. Sure I have had lots of experience using electric hairclippers, I used to use the a lot back when I had hair. I would cut my roommates hair, using the guards for the clippers, so they wouldn't have to go visit the local barber in town who had gained the nickname Shaky Pete.

And as I slowly, and very surely, started to lose my hair, I would forgo the guards until I finally made my way into shaving my hair (a kind of preemptive air strike on male pattern baldness.)

Well, it looks like I might be cutting hair while down in Oaxaca.

I don't know what exactly I will be doing down in Oaxaca, and probably won't until I get down there.

I might be digging a fish pond. I might be painting the side of a building. I might be holding a kid down while they are getting a tooth pulled. I might even be a barber.

All I know is that I am excited. I can hardly wait.

And if anyone wants to help me practice my barbering skills, just let me know. I can find a chair, and I am sure I can scrounge up some old magazines to read. And I am sure I can talk about this crazy weather we are having.


Blogger Nelson said...

Do you massage heads and shampoo, too? If so, I'm in!!!

8:04 PM  

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