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Monday, May 09, 2005

Sherry P. Benson--Mother, Wife, Queen of the Lunch Ladies

(I know Mother's Day was yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday...)

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Every year during the week before Mother's Day, I search and search around the mall for the perfect gift. It usually takes me a few times around to find the right gift, and there is always the right gift. There is always something that screams "MOM!"

This year was no different. I ran around mall looking at lots of things and getting a lot of suggestions from lots of different people. I even called my sister back home and asked for suggestions and she came up with a blank. Finally after looking around this on little gift shop, I found the right gift. It was a small figurine that was and angel holding a small pineapple, the international symbol for welcome.

It is always tough to shop for my mom because she is so unique.

I think my mom always wanted us to have a unique childhood. She wanted it to be educational and fun and exciting and different. We would be driving off on some vacation and next thing you know Mom would have the wheels locked up trying to stop so we could read a historical marker on the side of the road. She would stop at every single historical marker on the road no matter what. No county history was too mundane to stop and read.My mother is tough too.

She made a life for herself. She has always cared for others. She put in the extra time, the extra effort. She worked her butt off only to be hurt by the good ol' boy system many times.

Now she is retired, and she does what she wants to do. She helps teach a special education Sunday school class. She works part-time a school nutritionist for preschoolers in the area. She is a champion of lost causes and gets so enraged when she thinks politicians do the wrong thing, which is almost all the time. She is an idealist in every since of the word.

And I wish I could be more like her.


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