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Monday, June 27, 2005

Runnin' Like Forrest Gump

I bought an amazing product this past weekend.

As a society, we have developed many great innovations and invented many great things. And in the long list of our biggest and brightest achievements in history somewhere between the cure for polio and the George Foreman Grill lies the little MP3 player I bought at my local Wal-Mart.

It cost me 40 dollars and is about the size of a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum, original flavor not that "Grapermelon" crap I bought last week at a convenient store. It is a small flash drive MP3 player that runs of a AAA battery and has 128 MB of space.

I know it is no IPOD. I don't need an IPOD. They are nice, but I like going to a store and actually buying a CD. I like the songs that I listen to on an album at first and think, that's not so good. But then after a few listens, I realize that it is my favorite song.

No, I didn't need more music. I bought a MP3 player because I needed my workout partner back.

The best workout partner I have ever had has been one of my best friends, Kevin Brimner. We would always go work out at the gym at nights. Usually I would pick him up and we would work out until the gym closed. We would run, lift weights, play a little racquetball, and take a steam.

We always had fun and laughed a lot. We would talk about anything and everything. And we would sweat, a lot.

The only problem is we live hundreds of mile apart. Sure we talk on the phone and try to exchange emails. But everyone knows how that goes, it is easy to lose track of people when the main communications are pleasantries on the phone and small updates on how life is.

I miss not having him around at the gym. It is hard to stay motivated without someone egging you on.

My little MP3 player has changed all that.

Kevin is a minister back home at Owensboro Christian Church. He delivers sermons, a little bit too infrequently if you ask me, that have been archived on the church's website. So I have downloaded most of his sermons onto my MP3 player.

So now I listen to him speak while I run at the gym. I know it isn't the same as having him right there. I can't make any counterpoints while he is talking. He doesn't reveal to me all his thoughts and frustrations like he used to when we were in between games of racquetball. He can't even laugh at me when I am flirting with some girl on the machine next to me. But it's close enough.

Since I got back from Mexico, it has been hard to get back in the routine of working out. If I went to the gym, I would run for a few minutes and then get tired. I would stop and maybe shoot a few hoops and then go home. My workouts weren't going well.

This past weekend, I went both days and ran for about 35 minutes each time. I get excited listening to my old friend. I keep running even after my brain tells me I am tired. I wanted to keep going and listen to another lesson. I wanted to keep learning and laughing at his corny jokes that no one in the audience was laughing at.

It will be good to have Kevin around again, even if it is not on the eliptical machine right next to me. I only wish that I could somehow repay him. If only I could return the favor of the many blessings he and his family have provided me.


Blogger Drew Caperton said...

Man, there are one or two people in my life like that. One just moved to the same town I'm in and I'm commenting on the other one's blog. I miss you, man. I miss that look I get from you when we start talking about the Saints and I think they're better than they really are. I also miss the "so post-modern" charts of self-worth that we used to joke about. You are a joy to be around and you've taught me so much about being a friend. You're the best.

10:12 PM  
Blogger The Popular Stranger said...

Lafe Garrison?

1:12 PM  

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