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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whats Next?

I must admit that I really enjoyed writing my Oaxaca Journal. It was nice to try and remember things that happened. It got to the point at the end where I wanted to delay finishing the project just to keep it going a little bit. I wanted to still be immersed in the story and the place. But, now the Oaxaca Journal has ended. The big question is what is next?

So I have been thinking and wondering what my next little project for my blog will be. I have been thinking about lots of different things to write about. So here are my ideas:

The Mundane Poetry Project--Every couple of days I will write a poem about something very ordinary and mundane. I will try to find the beauty and perfection in something that most everyday everyone ignores.

A Sabbath Project--This is something that my favorite author Wendell Berry does. Each Sunday, he takes a walk around his farm and composes a poem about what he was thinking about during his walk. So every Monday morning I would post the poem from the previous morning.

The Good Ol' Fashioned Serial Story--I have had an idea lately for a story called Two Parades that won't really fit the traditional short story lengths or novel lengths for that matter either. I would try to sit down each week and write one installment. The key would be that I would have a vague idea of how the story would end, but like anyone that would read it, I would find out what happens in the story as it goes too. This is the way a lot of magazines in the early 20th century produced stories, in small serial versions.

So I want some feedback. What would the readers of this blog like to see me do next?


Blogger Nelson said...

I like them all...but would prefer the serial stories.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Kristy said...

I'm all about the Mundane Poetry Project. My hope is that, whatever project you choose, we still get to see what goes on in the life of Lafe...not just the works of Lafe!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Drew Caperton said...

I'm with Kristy (obviously). I like the small poems as opposed to the serial installments. Although, both are intriguing.

Sometimes I think overthinking your blog makes it suck anyway, but I could be wrong.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Lynette said...

Hola Lafe,
I too am sad the Oaxaca journal is over. Each night as soon as dinner was over, that's what I looked forward to. As for what's next, I will just wait to see. I imagine it will be interesting whatever it is. I have read all your past posts I could get to (some were expired I guess). You haven't disappointed me yet:).
El Dios Bendice

5:09 PM  
Blogger shauna said...

i am a poetry-lover, however i would actually prefer more of your story-telling!

9:15 AM  

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