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Thursday, June 23, 2005

When You're Down & Troubled

Yesterday was one of those days. It seems as thought those days happen weekly as of late.

I had to do a bit of traveling. When I looked at my schedule yesterday morning, I thought to myself, wow it's gonna be a full day. So I started out in the company truck toward Harrison and Mt. Home and figured I would be rolling back into the office sometime right before 5 p.m.

Well, I figured wrong. Because that morning I didn't figure on the serpentine belt blowing up right before I got to Harrison.

So I park the truck in an antique shop parking lot and walk to go find a phone. I called my office and they didn't seem very concerned. So I tried to put a belt on myself. This pursuit's only success was the fact that it successfully got me dirty and mad.

So my only option was to call a friend of mine that lives in Harrison. It was really a shot in the dark too. He is a really good fellow to go out and have beers with, but sometimes he likes to shake off anything that nears responsibility.

So I walked down to a welder's shop, I had already been in the antique store and the owner was being a real jerk, to use the phone. It's 10:30 in the morning, I thought, I have maybe a 40 percent chance that he will be up and answer the phone. After 4 rings, I heard a faint hello.

I explained the situation to Mark. He said let me get my shoes on and I will be right over.

Now I knew that Mark would be absolutely no help with the truck. Mark has doctorate in medieval literature and isn't very inclined to manual labor or repairs. Which there is nothing wrong with that. He is a very intelligent person who has been waiting for the better part of a year to get a visa back to the U.K. and teach. He loves it over there and hates it back here. He worked a little bit a sub at his hometown high school, but mostly he has been trying to find a way to go back to England.

One day earlier last year, he worked one day with me. It is by far the worst job I have. It is hot and it involves picking up a lot of weights. Mark still says it is the hardest day's work he has ever done. I am proud of the fact that he worked the entire day without whining or a smoke.

So he picked me up after a while. I kept on trying to change the belt, but it wouldn't work. I was frustrated and by the time Mark pulled up, I told him that we were going to go get something to eat.

I bought him lunch and we caught back up. He told me about moving back to England next week. He also told me that he had a wicked hangover from the night before. I could tell. I think he drinks to much, and I think that he thinks that as well. So I skip the lecture.

But it was good spending the better part of the day with him. We found a place to take my truck and got it towed there. Instead of waiting around the dealership to get the truck fixed, we went over to his parent's new house with the biggest basement I have ever seen.

After a few hours, the truck was fixed and I got back to work. I shook his hand and thanked him. He said that he likes to think I would do the same for him, and he knows that is true.

One thing my father always stressed to me was the importance of friends. He has many friends that help him out and do favors for him. I swear he could get almost anything done within a few days if he had to pool his resources.

I hope I am like him in this way.

It is good to have friends that are loyal and will help you out in a spot. It is just as valuable to be loyal and help others in a spot.

The least valuable currency one can have is money. The most valuable currency is that of friendship.


Blogger Kristy said...

Lafe, you have proved yourself to be a great friend to our family (to my husband especially) time and time again. We really miss you!

By the way, the whole time that I was reading this post I just kept thinking how much this sounds like it could be a chapter from Blue Like Jazz - your writing style very much like Donald Miller's with this story...

10:49 PM  
Anonymous LB said...

You're such a good son:)

10:55 PM  
Blogger jlo said...

Butterscotch, er I mean Lafe,

Thanks for your posts on Oaxaca. I just wanted to let you see your face here. I will post more when my computer allows me.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Lafe - I have long believed that friendship is one of the greatest gifts you can share with someone. I mean true friendship, full of sacrifices and love, that helps people get through hard times as well as good ones. Superficial friendship fades when times are tough. Good friends are rare. Cherish the ones you have.

1:47 PM  

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