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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Hodge Podge That Was My Holiday Weekend

1. I fought traffic (there was a rodeo in Springdale) all the way home on Friday afternoon, only to be summoned back to work when I got home. When I got back to work on Friday night, I found out that I would have to work on Saturday morning. The things we have to do for money sometimes...

2. I watched a lot of the Live 8 concerts on Saturday. I was shocked to find a lot of people didn't even know about the concert to raise awareness for the G8 conference next week. It was great to see all the amazing musical acts (U2 and Paul McCartney performing Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was pretty amazing) but the fact that it put the struggles of Africa in the limelight was the real success. Hopefully the G8 will get serious about Africa and not let it be destroyed by hunger, AIDS, unfair trade, and a debt that can never be repaid. My prayer this week will be for Africa and the G8. I must applaud President Bush for his recent support of debt forgiveness for some countries in Africa, but we still need to do more. We have the chance to be the next "Greatest Generation" if we can save the continent of Africa. We don't even have to use guns. With debt relief, fair trading policies, and medicine, we can make a difference.

3. I watched Saving Private Ryan again on Saturday night. I hadn't watched it since when it came out. It is still an amazing movie. The last scene where Tom Hanks' character tells Matt Damon's character to "earn this" is wonderfully done. I think it is a statement that makes everyone wonder whether or not they earn their life. I don't think we can earn our life. We can live as good a life as we possibly can, but in the end we all must rely on the grace of God to get us through it.

4. While helping out at church on Sunday night everything seemed go wrong for our cookout afterwards. Someone may or may not have stolen a large grill owned by a local bank out of the parking lot.

5. Even though I give Speilberg props for Saving Private Ryan, I must admit that I was disappointed with War Of The Worlds. There were a lot of holes in the story and I can only suspend my belief so far before I just start laughing at absurdity. The fact of the matter by the end of the movie I was rooting for the aliens to kill Tom Cruise.

6. I read the Declaration of Independence yesterday on the Fourth of July. It's quite amazing how a text written 229 years ago can still be relevant and relate to us in the 21st century. The Declaration of Independence was the most ballsy text since Martin Luther was posting the inequities of the Church. We don't need fireworks when we stop and reread the text, our founding fathers set off enough fireworks with the Declaration of Independence.


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