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Friday, July 08, 2005

Let's All Go To The Lobby

I remember last year the way I felt after seeing Garden State's trailer online. I was excited and wondering if I was going to have to drive to Springfield to go see it. There was a bit of doubt on whether it was going to be released here in Fayetteville. I bought the soundtrack and read as many reviews as I could.

Elizabethtown is Cameron Crowe's new film and in my opinion, this year's Garden State. It was filmed in my home state of Kentucky last summer. It is a quirky, little dramedy. The kind of movie I always seem to love. And as with all of Crowe's movies, the soundtrack is sure to be stellar.

While watching the trailer two things struck me. The quirky and dark Southern Gothic motif and that Kirsten Dunst does a pretty good Kentucky accent when she says "Good Lord" and "Louisville."

If you haven't checked out the trailer, I highly suggest you go to the website. The internet first look is even better. I noticed in the first look there was an Ear-X-Tacy, my favorite record store of all time in Louisville, bumper sticker and Orlando Bloom wearing an Ale-8 shirt, Kentucky's finest soda.

I am looking forward to the movie, I am sure of two things: I will enjoy the movie and it will ruffle some feathers back home in Kentucky, which always makes me laugh. What can I say, I am a sucker for outlandish Southern stereotypes.


Blogger EY said...

is the movie out here? i'm so out of it when it comes to what's in the theaters...then again..sometimes i like it better that way. just depends.

3:02 PM  

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