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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Make Shift Pool Incident

When you are in high school, you always think that your ideas are brilliant. You wonder why no one has ever thought of that idea before. And somewhere between the design stage and the experiment stage, you realize why no one has ever had that idea before.

So one hot summer day, my friends Aaron, Jarrod, and I had a great idea. We were going to go across the river and go to the Reo Holiday Drive-in Movie Theater. But since it was so hot, and my 1983 Chevy Silverado didn't have an air-conditioner, we wondered how we could try and stay cool.

I am not sure who was the first one to say, hey why don't we build a huge pool in the back of my truck, but we all agreed that it sounded brilliant.

So we dug up an old plastic tarp from my garage. We laid it in the back of my truck and tied it down as best we could. There weren't any holes so we thought we had it made it the shade.

We put a hose in the back, turned on the water and waited about an hour for the back of the pick-up to fill-up. I am sure my dad probably came out and shook his head a few times, but I can't be sure.

It was around 8 o'clock when we decided to take off. I had to go get some gas before we left for Reo. So I stopped at the neighborhood gas station. The guy working came out and looked at our pool. I remember him saying, that's the craziest damn thing that he had ever seen. Somehow that made us feel good.

So I took it slow. I drove down the main drag of Owensboro. Creeping down the street and everyone looking at us. We just waved to everyone that looked at us. The one thing that we didn't count on was starting and stopping.

We almost made it to the bridge when a stoplight turned red. I hit the brakes pretty hard.

Water crashed against the back of the cab of the truck.

We looked back just in time to see the waves of the pool going crashing out the back, over the tailgate, and onto the hood of a Honda Accord, whose driver was pretty pissed.

When we got to the drive-in, we were disappointed that the only thing playing was a Pauly Shore movie and the fact that there might have been an inch of lukewarm water in the back of the pick-up.


Blogger Nelson said...

Ok, THAT's funny!

I say we put that experiment to a second test. We just have to find a house close to the drive-in with a route sans stop lights and as few stop signs as possible.

And I believe I may know the exact house and path!

9:57 AM  
Blogger sarah j. said... THAT story made me laugh so hard I was crying, my stomach started to hurt, and my co-workers began giving me strange looks and 'what is wrong with you' comments. I totally needed that today, thanks. Hmm...I do think it was a brillant idea though....

[I was randomly clicking on blog links and came across yours...sorry...:P]

4:14 PM  

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