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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Today is my mom's birthday, sort of.

You see, last year my parents were going to the Bahamas for work, which must be really tough. My mom handed the airport official her driver's license and her birth certificate. The airport official asked her which birthday was right, the one on her license or the one on her birth certificate.

She looked and found two different birthdays.

On her license, it said August 25, which she has celebrated as her birthday her entire life.

On her birth certificate, it said August 23.

So I have been kidding her that if it is on her birth certificate, it is her official birthday.

I sent her some flowers on Monday with a card that read: "Happy 48th Birthday Mom!!! As long as your birth certificate is wrong, you might as well roll back the odometer a few years too!!!"

She said that instead of rolling the odometer back 10 years, she would rather roll it up a few years so she can get her social security benefits.


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