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Friday, September 02, 2005

Blessed Are

I can't decide if I want to keep watching the TV coverage of the carnage and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It just breaks my heart to see the hurt. It makes me sad and furious, emotions I think most people in America are feeling right now. There are so many questions left unanswered. How have we not been able to help these people, it has been a week? How are we this unprepared? Can we really treat our citizens like animals?

The funny thing is, the one question that many people are asking themselves has not plagued me like these other questions.

How can loving God exist and allow something like this to happen?

The fact of the matter is, it is a question that has an answer that I will never be able to fully comprehend. I know the Sunday School answer. I know the right thing to say. But I will never fully grasp the full meaning of the answer because in the course of all reading and praying, I have found only two things to be certain: There is a God and I am not Him.

But I have been reading the Beatitudes again, somehow I always return to the Beatitudes whenever I feel confused or down.

Matthew 5: 3 & 4 from The Message

"You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule. You're blessed when you feel you've lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you."

These verses are very counterintuitive. They always have been.

Because I don't feel blessed when I am stressed out. I don't feel blessed when I feel lost and abandoned. And I am sure that the refugees, wow, that sure does seem strange to type, from New Orleans don't feel blessed. I am sure the people that are stuck in the Convention Center starving and watching helplessly as people die around them do not feel blessed.

I know I don't feel blessed to watch the horror on TV. I don't feel blessed when I feel the guilt that I am not doing anything to help. I don't feel blessed when I give a little cash to try and ease my mind but still have problems sleeping.

But I am blessed. We are blessed.

There is an opportunity to make people forget the questions that linger. We can help out, we can care for, we can love so much, that people will no longer ask a question like how can God exist. Because if we feed God's children the way He commanded us to, then the only question will be this: How could there not be a God that loved us? How could God's love not shine through our hearts when families take in other families for weeks, months or however long it takes? How could God not be with us? How could we have made it through this terrible times without relying on him?


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