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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Holy Grail of Newman, KY

Growing up, whenever the air would begin to get cooler, there was an anticipation that was in the fall air as well. We would wait and wait and wait. And then, one day, we got home and it was there in the mailbox.

The Service Merchandise catalog was like finding the Holy Grail in Rural Route 7 Box 145A. (Mom and Dad, are you amazed that I still remember that address?)

Long before the internet, where you can find anything and everything to buy just using Google, the catalog had all these amazing electronics, these really cool tape players and digital clocks, and all the coolest new toys, toys that were always too expensive and needed too many batteries.

My sister and I would fight over the catalog. Then we would pick out what we wanted for Christmas or our birthdays. We would memorize the pages. We would slowly change our minds before Christmas, then change our minds again.

I know that sentimentality gets the best of us as we get older. Retro is always more fun and cool. Change always happens, it is bound to happen.

But you can't get that feeling that you did with a catalog. Sure the internet is wonderful, you can find anything at anytime. But I wish children today could still fight over finding gifts in catalogs.

All this looking back aside, I would not trade my MP3 player for a bulky old tape player and a Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet cassette that was slightly warped and flipped sides during the chorus of Wanted Dead Or Alive.

I guess that's what happens to people my age. We were born in the waning days of old and the waxing days of new.


Blogger Nelson said...

That sounds a lot like "A Christmas Story"...BB guns and Leg-Lamps from catalogs.

And I'm pretty sure I have Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet tape...non-warped version. But who has a tape player??

8:20 PM  

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