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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This afternoon I got an instant message from Camp Liberty, Iraq.

SPC Pfuhl sent me an instant message to tell me that he is doing ok.

We talked for maybe thirty minutes. He said he got my email and was actually writing me an email when I popped onto AIM. I told him to go to my blog because I wanted to have Iraq on my sitemeter, but the network he was on popped up somewhere in New York.

We talked about the hurricane. He said the picture he has seen look a lot worse then things over there. Can you imagine that?

We talked about the war. He said things are pretty quiet over there for the most part, but sometimes things get a bit nuts. I asked him what his definition of nuts was. Artillery fire, mortars, stuff like that, he said. Evidently a few days ago he went to the bathroom and a nearby guard shack got hit pretty bad.

Evidently, his definition of nuts and mine are vastly different.

He said he is working a lot. He only gets about an hour of personal time each day. He said that tomorrow is his first day off in a while.

I asked him if he needed anything, he said no. But I finally told him that I would send him some new tunes. He said he really didn't really care what I sent him, just something new and good.

So anyone know any good songs for someone at war?


Blogger Dallas said...

Cover by Engine Down but I love anything by them. Seems like a good song for riding around looking for insurgents. Chorus, "Your cover has been blown."

For something a little more hip-and-with-it, Death Cab For Cutie will get the job done every time and they have a new album out.

7:12 AM  

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