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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Return of Quirky Thursday

I noticed another one of my little quirks at the grocery store the other day. I get to the checkout line. And I start to unload my groceries, but I don't just throw them any which way up on the checkout belt. Oh no. I have to find symmetry on the checkout belt. I line everything up using every square millimeter of room on the belt. There is this really weird order that I must follow. Canned foods must be on the right hand side of the belt. Bread must be on the left hand side. Any drinks must be at the back. When I get done placing everything on the belt, I look to see if anything needs rearranged. If there is any time left after arranging all my items, I look the Weekly World News.

What can I say, I'm sick.


Blogger Virginia said...

To some extent I do this too...I organize the items on the belt in the order I want them bagged. (None of this "one-item-per-bag" stuff...) And I count everything. My rule of thumb is usually 2 times each item is roughly my bill total.

2:48 PM  
Blogger sarah j. said...

I organize by item all the "box" stuff, all the "can" stuff, dairy stuff, fruit stuff, meat stuff, frozen stuff,

2:52 PM  

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