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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Someone I Want On My Fantasy Football Team

Nerdery: (Noun) (pronounced --Nur-Dur-Ree) 1. A small office or space where people congregate or work that involves computers and anything that involves fantasy games.

A week or so ago, my friends and I spent all night long in the nerdery. It is our fall ritual. We get a three-way call going for a couple of hours.

John is in North Carolina and thankfully his wife let's him have one night every fall when John can be in his football world. Adam, who now lives in Ohio, just tells his new wife, who is from another country, that it is a normal for American men to spend hours and hours pouring over stats and trying to find a nice running back pickup in the 10th round of a fantasy football draft.

I stay late at work, pickup some supper, and search through all the magazines and newspapers on my desk. We ask each other advice, which we always suspect, and trash talk each other.

For example, when John made the horrible decision to draft Fred Taylor, I told him I hoped that Taylor got some good yards for him those first 5 games before he got hurt.

Which if you are a fantasy football geek like me, that is a hilarious joke.

But two weeks after the draft, there is someone I wish I would have picked up on my team. Not because I think he will score touchdowns left and right. Not because he has long been one of my favorite player, the fact is I have always thought he was cocky, arrogant, and more trouble than he was worth.

But I wish I had Joe Horn on my team this year.

The reason why is because this morning I read an article in the sports page about Joe Horn and how he is helping out people that had to abandon their lives in New Orleans.

A few of the Saints players decided to surprise some former New Orleans citizens that are now finding shelter at a San Antonio Air Force Base. So the Saints had their bus driver pull in a local Wal-Mart and the players filled multiple carts with items to give away. Joe Horn filled his cart up with something I would have never thought of. In a time when we want to give the essential supplies, Joe Horn gave something that made people feel and see a little bit of beauty in the world again, if for only a short time.

From the USA Today:
Receiver Joe Horn filled two carts with bunches of roses and daises.

"Flowers for the ladies, to lift their spirits," he said...

Horn handed out flowers, and women quickly corralled bottles of water in which to display them.

I don't know how many fantasy points Joe Horn will put up this year. But if you have ever seen the look on a woman's face whenever she recieve some flowers, you know that he gained a lot of points in a lot of hearts yesterday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You act like it's not normal to spend 2 weeks preparing a draft board and to spend $20 on draft software....


4:51 PM  
Blogger Lafe said...

It is normal if you have a Brazilian Sugar Mamma.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Happy Holidays,

12:07 AM  

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