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Monday, October 17, 2005

Freedom Has a Scent Like The Top of a Newborn Baby's Head

This is my friends, the Chambers Family. Julie, little Lynah Anne, and my buddy Matt.

Lynah is just a beautiful baby girl. Julie says that she already has a sweet voice.

I went to visit them at the hospital this afternoon. Matt was busy on his laptop trying to get some work done while Julie was nursing. Matt was complaining about work, as per usual. But when he got to hold his little girl, he went to all smiles. He showed me how to hold her, even though I already knew, I let him tell me. Julie made me wash my hands before I held Lynah. I scrubbed those hands like I was about to perform surgery.

I held her, she burped, a lot. I tried to smell of her head. In a U2 song, Bono sings about how freedom smells like the top of a newborn baby's head. I smelled and smelled. Matt asked me if I was trying to prove the Bono Theory. He put a little sock cap on her. It was white and had pink lettering stitched in it that simply said, "Love Me." Matt said he would soon be oiling his shotgun to run off all the boys chasing after his daughter.

I had a little talk with her. I told her that her mom is a sweetheart and will do anything in the world. I told her to listen to her well. I also told Lynah that her dad is really just a big softy. I told her that he is kind of grumpy, but he means well. And that someday, when she gets older, she will be able to wrap her dad around her little pinky, then I explained what a pinky was. I don't think she understood so I wrapped my index finger around her pinky. So small, so fragile.

Lynah got a bit fussy so I gave her back to Julie. Matt and I went down to the cafeteria. Matt is amazed at the amount of junk food and high energy drinks at the hospital. He also told me of a bad experience with getting a chicken sandwich out of a Tyson Vending machine. He said that chicken should not come out of a machine. I disagreed, it would be okay if it was on a stick. I told him now that he was a father, he was gonna have to tell his young daughter these words of wisdom.


Blogger Christopher Largen said...

Better stay away from that hospital junk food. Otherwise, we might have to bust you.

- Sgt. Belcher

12:38 PM  
Blogger Shelli said... a miracle drug. Nice U2 props!

3:58 PM  

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