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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nothing More I Can Say Than Sorry

Friday, I went to one of my customers for the last time. The factory is shutting down, actually it is pretty much already shut down. They needed a few items so that they could ship their forklift scales off in working condition.

I was talking with one of the guys I have gotten to know. His name is Bob and he is a bear of a man. He is probably 6'4 and 240 pounds, he is not the kind of man I would want to wrangle with.

We talked about the plant. It was weird, because it was so quiet in the plant. Usually it is dark, loud and dirty. But now you could hear a pin drop. We talked about how long they knew the plant was going to shut down. He said that China is producing product at the same price that they are buying their supplies. When I asked him if he had found another job, he told me no. He hadn't really looked yet.

But the thing that struck me is that we talked about the way things are right now. I told him that I feel more uncertain about the economy and the future that I ever have. He looked at me, with tears almost in his eyes, and said that these were the worst times that he has ever seen.

When I was finished with my paperwork, I shook Bob's hand. And all I could say was that I was sorry that he lost his job.

Sorry didn't feel like enough to say, but it was all I could think of...


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