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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pet Peeve Thursday

So, I was in line for the Arvest ATM (or as I call it, a MAC machine, it's a Kentucky thing...) in Rogers at noon. I started to listen to a Dave Matthews song. It was a long song. Maybe 7 minutes long. And in front of me, a woman in an SUV took 7 minutes to complete a transaction. 7 minutes!!!

She was shoving envelopes in the machine. She was pushing buttons like she worked at McDonald's. At one point, she took a look at the piece of paper that the ATM shot out, and then she pushed more numbers and tried to shove a couple of quarter rolls into the card reader.

Here is the thing, if you pull up to an ATM, it should take you 1 minute tops. Here is the thing. You pull up, you get your card out before you get to the machine, you put in your numbers and you hit a button to give you money. That's it, that's the list. You don't deposit money in a ATM. You don't transfer money at an ATM. You don't check balances at an ATM. You just get money out of it. You do it quick. It's not that difficult.

I timed myself. 34.64 seconds. That's two NASCAR stops. And I probably could have gotten it quicker if I hadn't asked for 30 bucks instead of 20.

Can someone please explain to me why people want to deposit money, transfer money from savings into a money market account, order pizzas, and buy stamps at an ATM


Blogger sarah j. said...

I really hate to rain on your peeve, b/c I get annoyed as well, but technically an ATM is an "Automatic Teller Machine". A mechanical version of the friendly human teller inside the bank. Designed to save people time. Able to perform many of the functions its living counterpart performs.

But yeah, its still rather annoying waiting behind the person who is trying to use the ATM as their 'vend all for life'.

8:28 AM  
Blogger jnthn said...

what i really hate is having someone like you behind me when i'm doing things. i don't like hurrying, i forget things, mess up the things i don't forget, and in general stress out. so what if someone takes seven minutes at an atm. don't propagate a society of hurry hurry, rush rush, and the negativity of not doing it fast enough.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Shelli said...

With everything that you just said, I'm about 99.9999999% sure that she was from the Arvest ATM department and was doing her daily maintenance. All of that stuff sounded oddly familiar to when I used to have to do it at the Mall branch ATM.

9:54 AM  
Blogger EY said...

it usually takes me slightly longer than a minute if i'm making a deposit...see i'm required by my bank to do all my transactions online or at the ATM or i get charged a monthly service charge. they pay me not to talk to the customer service at the counters. kinda sucks huh? but it has never taken me 7 minutes...but i do have to hang out my car window like a kid because my arms are too short to reach the actual ATM no matter how close my car is to the machine and that takes added time too....sad...

10:48 AM  
Blogger shauna said...

i totally understand your frustration, but in defense we make deposits at ATM's. we never have time to go into a bank or whatever! so we do most of our banking online or at ATM's.

but i agree - if there is a line i get my card out and get the check ready so it should not take long if people are waiting behind me.

9:54 AM  

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