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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pitching Tents

Last night, Kent and I were talking about his sermons and sometimes saying stuff you didn't really mean to say. He started laughing and said, "I have to send you this video of this guy, it is so funny what he says."

So a few minutes later he sent me this email with a video. I opened it up. The file was titled, "Pitching Tents." I, of course, imagined the scenario and what was said. But when I opened up the file, I realized two things.

1. I know this guy. He used to work in the youth ministry department back at my church in Owensboro. This guy is crazy. Surely this isn't him. Oh my, he apologized to his wife Ali! I know this guy!

2. Of all the Freudian slips in a file named "pitching tents" this would not have been the slip I would have guessed.

I called Kent and asked him where he got this video at. He said that Mike Harper got it and forwarded it to him. I told Kent I would have to make some calls. I called a friend back home and whenever I mentioned that I just got a video emailed to me, my friend told me simply, "Yeah that's Blake."

Too funny! After you watch the video, rewind it and look at his eyes. You can see him actually formulating the thoughts in his head, "Oh my, what did I just do?"


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