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Sunday, October 16, 2005

This City of Tragedy

Heroes from Jack In The Pulpit--This is a great song by the small indy band Jack In The Pulpit, you ought to buy this album.

I want to write something tonight, but I am really really tired. I spent the entire weekend on the road with Andrew Steger. We went to see the LSU-Florida game with his dad and one of his friends. Saturday was a 23 hour day. We drove back from Little Rock today, and I had to go straight to The Greenhouse.

There were many stories and many funny things we saw. But by far, the most memorable person was an LSU fan that was sitting two rows in front of us. Keep in mind that we were in the Florida player's families section. This guy was drinking something in a Sprite bottle that I don't think was Sprite. This guy was blitzed out of his gourd. He might be the most drunk/high person I have ever seen. I think he was so drunk that he was a strange mixture of pure rage and pure ecstasy. He would just scream this blood curdling scream and look back at everyone in the Florida section. He then would chant "tiger bait." A few of the Florida fans would laugh at him and then he would apologize, do a medieval bow, and then offer anyone some of his Sprite.

At one point he was tossed out of the game for being rowdy. They let him back in, why I have no idea. But he came back and just started yelling like a crazed man with Tourette's. He actually used the F bomb in every single way that the English language allows.

"This F'n F complained cause I F'n say F! I can say F' any F' time I want. It's the F'n first amendment. I can F'n stand, I don't give a F!" Long pause. "I am F'n sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone, I just paid 80 dollars to come in here and have a F'n good time." Long pause then the bow. "Y'all want some of my drink?" Then he high fived a girl who was really uncomfortable with having to be in the seat behind this guy.


Blogger Shelli said...

Did the "John 3:16 Banner Man" come and try to save his soul?

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