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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DVR Killed The Video Star

I have been putting the DVR to good use and I hate to be one of those bloggers that writes "OMG did y'all watch..." But here goes...

Man Vs. Vegas on CMT--It is kind of like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition if Ty was a bit more ADD and had a gambling problem. It is about a guy who lost 2 million dollars in the late 90's in Vegas. Now, he has pretty much sold everything he can do without and bankrolled himself with 1 million (meeeeellllyan dollars). So he plays a few hands with of blackjack with some teachers from Georgia. He asks them to trust him and put all their money on him. He usually wins it for them, sometimes he stakes people. But the entire show is this guy running crazy around Vegas convincing people that have never played anything about a five dollar blackjack bet. He does some crazy stuff too. Stuff I wouldn't do. Last week he was betting 10 grand a hand at blackjack. He got 20 with a Jack and a ten. He split a TWENTY! He drew a five and a seven. The deal had sixteen and busted. That is insane. That is balls. That is some good TV.

Lost--I have only started watching this TV show in the past month, but I am hooked. The good thing is no one knows what in the world is going on, so I am not that far behind.

Grey's Anatomy--It is soapy, but I like it. Everyone in the world is rooting for Meredith and Dr. McDreamy to fall in love and get married. Too bad he is married. I am rooting forward to him sticking with his wife, I guess it is just because I root for the sanctity of marriage. And the last episode dealt with pryoprism. Which is always funny.

The Sopranos Season 5 reruns--I have seen all of them already, but it is the best show on TV. It is THE reason why everyone should subscribe to HBO. It is about a man who is flawed. And if you can't relate to a man that is flawed but has good moments too, then you are lying to yourself.

My Name Is Earl--I loved Jason Lee in the Kevin Smith movies. And he is even better on Earl. Earl roams around trying to right all his wrongs with a very cool mustache. The show is smart and funny, but the best part is that at the end of the show there is actually a good old fashioned moral to the story.

It also has the best argument ever on broadcast TV...

Earl and his ex-wife at her wedding...

Ex-wife: I can't believe you are here. I hope you get nut cancer.

Earl: Do you kids you illegitimate kids with that mouth?


Blogger Nelson said...

Allison and I are horribly addicted to Lost. In fact, if you're interested, we have a few folks over each Wednesday night to watch it! We even do dinner (rotate cooking responsibilities), then watch the show (commercial-free thanks to the DVR!). You should start coming!

And I'm also a huge fan of My Name is Earl! It's one of those shows that is very funny, has a good message (in a twisted sort of way), and the actors are really great! I love his brother, his ex-wife, and Crab Man.

10:23 PM  
Blogger EY said...

i'm addicted to Gray's anatomy..i think it's nice that dr. mcdreamy is trying to work it out with his wife...says something about it out buddy..sure addison slept with his best friend...but we all fall..and i'm just glad he didn't just glad he's willing to stick it out... different twist than tv usually gives. you should join the tv addict blog... have nelson put you on...

6:31 PM  

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