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Friday, January 27, 2006

Captions: That Was Me

A few days ago, I was searching through a box for a book I was going to lend someone when I found an old picture album that my mother had given me some years back. I sat on my bed, forgot about the football game I was watching, and looked through all the pictures. I couldn't stop smiling. I laughed at old thoughts that had been parked away in some remote parking garage in my mind.

As I explored each page, I would take out the picture to get a better look. Holding the photos in my hands made the past seem closer, the images more real. The biggest surprise was that on some of the pictures there was writing. I don't know what surprised me more, the date on the photos or the fact that in the past 13 years or so I had forgotten what my grandmother's handwriting looked like. The cursive letters were very distinct and here details were quick and to the point. Captions like "Jim and Josh, Thanksgiving '79."

So I have decided to fill in the blanks, the other details that haven't been written down on the backs of the photos before they, too, are stored away in the parking garage of my mind.

So this was me, and my baby sister (who I will always call my baby sister no matter how old she is) probably sometime around 1983. Was I styling or what? Brittany had one of her many Care Bears in this picture. How sweet does she look? Me, well, I was in my Thriller phase. I remember I hated to wear penny loafers, but I loved that jacket. I think I used to wear it to our school recitals. My only hope is that somewhere in a closet or attic, my mom still has that jacket. Because mark my words, those jackets will come back in style one day.

Funny sidenote: a few nights ago me and my buddy, Berg, were at a basketball game. The halftime show dancers were dancing to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad." I looked over at Berg and asked him, "Do you remember when Michael Jackson was cool?" He answered, "Yeah, but just barely."


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