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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Easter Eggs

I am sitting here writing this little essay with tears of laughter in my eyes. I think this picture is so funny. There I am in my E.T. pajamas smiling after receiving a Mr.T doll. I loved that doll. Mr. T had these old striped gym socks pulled up to his knee and these little feathers that he wore as earrings. That is all well and good, but I love the look on my sister's face. I am serious, over the past few seconds I have switched back to that picture and I have almost fallen out of my chair laughing so hard. To me, my sister will always be that little girl. Maybe not with that tired look on her face, but I will always see Brittany from a big brother's lenses.

I am really proud of Brittany. She is living in Charleston these days. She called me a few days ago wanting this web address, but for some reason she couldn't find it. I don't know. Hopefully if she does find this picture she won't be too mad. Hopefully she will laugh at it as much as I do. Knowing her she will probably give me a call in the next few days and say, "I saw that picture you put of us on the web, and you look like such a wuss!"

Seriously, Brittany is one of my best friends in this world. No one, and absolutely mean no on, in this world can make me feel as good and laugh as much as she can.

Love you Booty!!!


Blogger Spencer said...

Man, I recognized that box before I even read your post. I LOVED my Mr. T action figure (don't say doll). He was like, 3 times taller than all my other action figures. It took a whole team of G.I. Joes on the hover craft to bring him down. Unless you're using Snake Eyes, he could take on 5 or 6 Mr. T's.

8:37 AM  

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