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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Cloud People

I have been dreaming of Mexico lately. The sun beats down on me so hot and humid that I awake in the cool night sweating and my cover halfway across my room.

Even though I know no Mixteca (very very few people actually know the language), I am talking to my friend Lorenzo in perfect Mixteca dialect. He just laughs and laughs. He calls me by my Mexican name, Josu. We share a drink of water and stare out at the mountains and vallies. Lorenzo pats me on the back and begins to speak to me in English.

"God is good, no? He built these mountains just for me to live in" he asks. And I laugh and say, "Yes, Lorenzo, he is good and your mountains are quite magnificent."I ask him about his people. I ask him if he knows that the Aztecs called his tribe "the cloud people" and he replies no. He says that they are in the clouds because it is as close to heaven as God will allow them on Earth.

Other times I am running along the beach during a sunrise. But as soon as the sunrise, it sets. And it is just as beautiful. Mile after mile, sunrise and sunset. When I finally stop, trying to catch my breath in the ocean spray. I have just enough energy to run into the ocean. The tide is so strong that it tosses me around like a dishrag. I laugh so hard that I am crying. I am laughing at the feeling of freedom. The feeling that one gets when they realize that they can let go of everything that has ever held them back from life. I laugh at the fact that my soul is free.

Mexico is buried somewhere in my soul. When I think about returning there soon, I find my heart begins to race with anticipation. It is like love because it is love. It is grabbed me and there is little to nothing that I can do to get out of it's grasp. And truth is I don't want to.


Blogger Drew Caperton said...

Lafe, you should be united with your love, man.

8:42 PM  

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