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Friday, May 26, 2006

Mess With A Bull And You'll Get The Horns

Quick note: I am very tired and I got to sleep in today. It was very nice. I have huge blistes on my feet from the sand getting in my shoes. But here was the cool thing that happened this morning...

We were walking to the base this morning when we saw some guys struggling with a bull in the middle of the road. I recognied Arturo and Juan Daniel, one was holding a rope behind the bull and another was holding the one in front. Juan Daniel is just 16 years old and the bull was trying to jump over a barbed wire fence. He asked me to come help him so I put my bag down and began to pull with all my strength. The bull came out of the bushes and went on down the road. Juan Daniel thanked me and headed on down the road. Arturo was running down the road taunting the bull smiling and waving goodbye to me. It was a funny sight.


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