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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mi Mexico

I was thinking about last year and when I said that I felt as though I understood and felt Mexico deep down inside me within a few minutes of landing. I couldn't explain it last year,but a few days ago I finally figured it out.

It is duality of Mexico that attracts me. I have always been drawn to things that have two very different and opposing sides. Some call it the tension of opposites while others call it Ying and Yang. I prefer to use the term duality because it implies that something can be two things at once. Something be wholly beautiful and wholly ugly and be the same. I don't know, maybe it is because I grew up in the South that I find dualities so interesting. But Mexico, like the South, is full of quirks and constant contradictions that leave me fascinated.

My Mexico is a place where the sun beats down and is unforgiving. A place where not much can grow. But what grows is almost always magnificent. It is a where the people litter left and right. A place that is inundated with advertisements from soft drinks and bad beer. It is a place where most everyone smiles at me. A place where every says hola or beunas dias. A place where the kids will run at me and literally tug at me for attention. They smile when I do the few tricks I know. They scream mas, mas when I pick them up and throw them in the air. It is a place where people give me things. They offer me drinks, or food, or a CD without a care in the world. It is a place where someone is honored to show me their house. The take pride the in the few creature comforts that they have, the smae creature comforts that I take for granted. It is a place where the rain can come in quickly and leave just as quickly. It is a place where there is disease. A place famous for it's horrible water. It is a place where you can't flush toliet paper down the toliet. It is a place where I am afraid the washg my hands. It is a place where I constantly eat or drink something that is new and delicious. It is a land of lucious fruits. Everything always seems so right. It is a place of faith, faith that makes me feel as though mine is weak. It is a place where I can sit between two cocanut trees in a hammock, reading a book and listening to the waves crashing against the beach with futility and great force. It is a place where the bugs are so thick that you have to brush them away from your face like fog. It is a place where with every breath your lungs fill with the salt from the sea. It is a place where people flee. They flee to my country to try and make something for themselves. They try to make a better life, and they usually risk their lives to do it. It is a place where everyone asks where I am from. Then they ask me if I know where a certain town is in a certain state that their sister or brother has run off to. It is a place where people have nothing, or close to it.

It is a place that is full of both joy and sorrow. Hopefully, this week, I can create a little bit more of that joy. I know they are creating joy for me...


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