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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The World According To Ernesto: Saturday the 21st

Aaron´s alarm clock was loud, really loud. It sounded like Apu from The Simpsons. Rarely do I get scared by alarm clocks, but this one did. Waking up in a foreign country by a foreign accent that is not the same is quite scary. I thought we were being raided.

I woke up feeling cold,which in Mexico is a good thing. The air conditioner had made the room cool over night. It was a great feeling.

After getting dressed and having a Pop-Tart, I headed off to help the mountain team pack for their trip up into the mountains. When I got over to where everyone was loading up, the first thing I saw was a couple of big dogs run Dave over. They just bowled him over. After loading everything up, we all went to the prayer room for some songs and prayer.

We said goodbye to the mountain team and began to head towards the church in Cacalote. The church is very small. It has a thatch roof top and a concrete floor that we will soon be ripping up and replacing. I couldn't understand everything that Bartolo said, but I picked up most of it. After a few songs, Kent got up and preached on marriage while the kids went off with some members of the group to do a children's service. The kids made small butterflies out of coffee filter, clothespins and paint. It was pretty cool. Jill made me a butterfly for carrying her bags the entire day before.

After the service we went back the base and had a quick bite to eat. Matt and I played a little pitch and catch with the old baseball. Everyone decided that since we didn't really have anything else to do for the rest of the day that we wouldall go the the beach.

Aaron took us to Roca Mar. Roca Mar is an amazing beach. It wasn't very crowded and there were lot of rocks. We climbed around the rocks and I went out on one that jutted out in the ocean. Everything was calm and peaceful until a huge wave came and drenched my serenity.

We stopped by a man's store/house to drink some liquados. Liquados are a delicious drink made with mangos, vanilla, whole milk, and cinnamon. Seriously, the only thing that could make these babies better is booze. And I am not sure that could improve it very much.

The man that made these liquados for us is named Ernesto. We talked a lot. He spoke very good English and we discussed politics and life. He was telling me about ending up in Cacalote. He had traveled the world, but found his life in Cacalote. He runs a bakery/store/house. He was baking some ham and cheese turnovers while we were there. He asked me what I did for a living and I explained it to him. He asked me if I loved my job and I told him no. He told me that I shouldn't stay with a job that I do not love. He whipped some more flour around the baking table and kept explaining all of life's little secrets to me. He was a wonderful storyteller and an even better cook.

After the liquados we returned to the base. We had a quick team time and I blogged my first day. With a long day ahead, I went to bed knowing that it would be a long day.


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