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Monday, June 12, 2006

Is That A Bull Coming This Way?: Tuesday the 23rd

(Sorry it has been so long since the last post...)

We started of early in Tuesday morning. We had a long day ahead of us. Instead of finishing the church floor, we needed to get a roof done on the boy's dormitory since there would be a number of guest in the next few days and rain was being predicted pretty soon.

Spanish style roofs are quite nice. The tiles are quite fragile, but have an amazing visual effect on a roof.

The men headed towards the boy's dormitory and the women headed towards a home that was being constructed. They were painting the concrete walls with thin paint. Evidently, the walls were just soaking up the paint so they had to use many layers of paint.

When we got to the boy's dorm, I looked up at Manuel on the roof. I began to laugh. I yelled at Manuel and said, "This fat boy ain't getting up on that roof." Luckily for me, those 9 words mean the same in Spanish as they do in English. He told me to get the wheelbarrow and haul off old and broken tiles to the riverbed. So I began the long task of picking up all the broken tiles and hauling them off to the riverbed that was about a kilometer away. Kent helped me out for a while too. We picked up a lot of tiles and a lot of trash and hauled it off while talking about the previous night's worship service. Right before Aaron went into town, Kent stopped to talk with Aaron about the previous night as well.

The tiling went relatively quick and relatively easy during the morning because they were assembling the tiles in a straight line. But after breakfast, the task became much more difficult. Once we got to the corners, the process slowed down considerably. They had to cut the tiles and then concrete them together.

Since I had finished picking all the tiles up, Manuel told me to go make some concrete. I picked up two 100 kilo bags of cement up and put them in the wheelbarrow and walked them over to a small concrete pad that was used to mix concrete on. I learned how to mix concrete on the ground, volcano style. It is extremely tough and very tedious work. It was lots and lots of slow methodical mixing.

I hauled the concrete up back over to Manuel in five gallon buckets. After a few bucket loads, he said that he wouldn't need anymore concrete for a while. I sat down and talked with Reagan, Kent and Casey for a while, but they were talking about businesses again. I got bored of their business talk so I went over and asked Bartolo if he had anything for me to do. He said that I could go over and rake some leaves for him.

My muscles finally relaxed a little bit while I was raking. It was different to rake leaves out of the sand, but I did.

We stopped for lunch, but I didn't like anything that was being served. Cecilia said that she would make me a couple of ham sandwiches. They were quite good. (How come sandwiches made by someone else always taste better than the sandwiches I make myself?)

We were all sitting around the table after lunch when Matt looks over at the sidewalk and asks us a very good question.

"Is that a bull coming this way?" he asked.

We all looked around and to our amazement, Matt's assessment of the situation was spot on. A bull was heading our way. A few of us stood up, I don't know what we were going to do, but running would have been the smart thing. Suddenly a little boy with a stick in his hand came running after the bull and chased him in another direction.

All we could do was laugh.

Matt and I headed off to the computer lounge to catch up on the news. After we were done, Matt told me that I totally busted him a few nights before about something that I swore I would not blog about. So I am keeping my promise, but it is such a funny story.

We started back on the roof. I was tossing tiles up to Manuel on the roof when Cepa found a scorpion on one of the tiles. Finding a scorpion where you are working gets your attention rather quickly. Cepa picked up the scorpion by the tail and threw him onto the road. We all gathered around to look at the dangerous intruder of our tiles. It was pretty cool looking. Finally, Matt picked up a huge rock and threw it down on the scorpion. Not only did Matt crush the poor little scorpion that wasn't hurting anyone (yet!), the rock bounced up almost beaning a teenage girl walking by.

We were almost done with the roof, when we began to run out of tiles. We had to make two more trips to get more tiles and never did get enough. We finished the long day with the roof almost complete, just a few more rows left to do.

I got back to the where we were staying and took my shoes off. My feet were blistered pretty bad. My left foot looked really bad. My ring toe (Are names of toes and interchangeable with names of fingers?) just had skin hanging off of it. Aaron fixed my toe up pretty good with some iodine and some superglue stuff. I didn't get the stickiness off my feet from the iodine for a few days.

After cleaning up, we went back to Ernesto's for some more liquados. Ernesto had been in Puerto Escondido all day long and come back with only a couple of his pastries that he had intended to sell. I bought one of his ham and cheese turnovers. Honestly, I think the man must either pray over everything he makes or put some sort of drugs in everything he makes. Everything he made that I ate was amazing.

After some liquados, we all walked on the beach until with was too dark to see.

Matt, Reagan, and I walked back to the Cacalote house to get some sleep. Reagan jumped back three times while walking back. All three times he had seen his shadow on the road and gotten spooked.

I took another shower, read a little bit,but eventually the day caught up to me, and I fell asleep.


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Thanks for telling us about your trip, Lafe. I enjoy hearing things from your point of view. It makes me laugh.

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