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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce: Thursday the 25th

My feet still hurt, in fact, they felt worse. Aaron worked on my feet a little bit more, while Reagan ate some of his snacks that seemed to multiple during the entire time we were down there. Aaron and Reagan headed towards the base while Matt and I walked slowly behind. I gave Matt the big brother speech about making sure to watch out for Jill and make sure she is safe. He assured me that he would and that he was going to keep a walkie talkie during the night just in case she got frightened or in trouble in the middle of the night. We also walked and talked about a girl back in Fayetteville, and I told him if he really was worried that I would keep her company. We talked a good bit on that walk up. Our conversation swung from serious to silly like pendulum on a clock. When we got to the base, we loaded up in a Suburban and headed towards the church.

Once again, I was in charge of cement. This time I wore my glasses instead of another pair of contact lenses. Once bitten, twice shy.

The stage went pretty fast. There weren't as many people helping out, but it went pretty fast. We were actually making concrete too fast for Manuel and the others to spread. So we stopped making concrete a few times and helped out slinging concrete onto the stage.

When the stage was set in concrete, we went back over the floor with two by fours. Once again, Matt and I teamed up. It was slow work, but we got the entire floor sanded down in about an hour.

After we finished took a few pictures of the all the men that helped out with the church floor. I tried to get everyone to smile, but everyone was kind of distracted and not smiling. So I counted in Spanish like Bono.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce! (One, Two, Three, Fourteen!)

Everyone laughed and I got a pretty good shot.

After we said our good-byes, we went back to the base to get started on some post holes in the beach. The women and Kent were still painting the house, so Reagan, Matt, Casey and I went down to the beach to dig some post holes for a fence to keep in the cows. Aaron left us alone after a while, and we were left to our own devices. We thought we had the string tight enough so that we could keep a straight line. But since there was gale force winds, the string blew a bit towards the ocean. When Aaron finally came back to look at all our progress and just laughed. It was by far the worst post line in the history of post lines.

After lunch, the rest of the group got back. We said our quick hellos and went back towards the beach to redo every post hole we had previously done. This time Reagan went to help the women paint too, so it was just Matt, Casey and me. Casey and I were pretty much hallucinating by this time from lack of sleep, just plain tiredness, and probably some sort of parasite. We just laughed and laughed. We finally had a little bit of help from a couple of guys that actually new how to dig a post hole in the sand.

Digging a post hole in the sand is very, very difficult. We finally learned that you had to pour a bunch of water on the sand before digging. A little guy that had been helping us all week with a weird eye and a San Francisco Giants ball cap kept showing us how to do it. I told Casey that the guy would eventually get tired of us and just hit us over top of the head with a shovel. Like I said, we were delirious. There was an old palm tree out near the water, but we couldn't quite make out exactly what it was. I kept on telling Casey that it wasn't a beached whale, but a beached manatee. He kept on trying to throw facts into the argument like manatees are fresh water animals, but I just shot right back with his logic that the sea water is probably what killed the poor manatee.

We finally finished one line and Aaron came up and asked us if we were ready to start another row. We all kind of looked at each other. I spoke up.

"Aaron, do you want the truth or do you want the gung ho marine answer?"

"The truth," he said.

"I think I can speak for all of us and say that we are about to pass out."

He said he understood and we walked back towards the base. We talked a bit more with some of the others from the other group. Jason told us that we probably wouldn't get to fish the next day because of a storm coming in.

We got cleaned up and the other group went to stay at a hotel in Rio Grande. After getting cleaned up, I laid back down in one of the hammocks.

After some dinner, a few of us stuck around and talked. Reagan was in the mood to argue. So we argued about music of all things. He argued about alternative music and the fact that today's music is not as good as past music, which I totally disagree with. I always tend to argue against anything when it comes to nostalgia and things were better back in my days. I got pretty tired of arguing because Reagan kept changing his point. I began to walk back to the Cacalote house when a Suburban pulled up to me and Dave, of all people, was driving it around Mexico. He said that they had come back to try and find some people's stuff. I tried to help them find it, but it had already been stored somewhere. They gavef me a ride to the Cacalote house and told me of their adventures in a Mexican carnival down the road and riding some ride called the Dragon.

As soon as they dropped me off I realized that I didn't have a key to get through the gate. I began to wonder if maybe I should scale 9 foot wall with barbed wire on top, but I figured if worse came to worse I would go over to Ernesto's and sleep on the floor of his kitchen. Reagan came wandering back after a few minutes and he didn't have a key either. We went over to the side of the gate and began to yell for someone to come let us in. The dogs began to bark and a lady came out of the house.

Reagan yelled, "Nosotros con Aaron!"

I looked at him and just shook my head.

"Reagan, do you realize you just spoke Ebonics Spanish?"

"What?" he asked.

"You just yelled 'We With Aaron!'"

We laughed and she let us in the gate. Aaron and Matt were in bed and they said that they were just about to worry about us getting in. But they were almost asleep, so I really wonder if they would have come out to look for us.


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