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Monday, July 24, 2006

What Happens In The Backseat, Stays In The Backseat (Not Really)

(I apologize for my absence last week. I really wanted to write a few things, but I guess I just needed a break. It seemed as though I was inputting so much information into my brain that nothing could really come out. Anyone ever know how that feels. Anyway, I am back.)

I went to the movies last Friday night to see Lady in the Water. Hopefully, I will write more on that at a later date. But something happened after the movie that could quite possibly be the funniest thing I have seen in the past year.

So as we (Nathan, Terra, Christina, and myself) are leaving the movie theatre, we are walking through the parking lot commenting on the fact that it had finally cooled off. Nathan’s car (a new, black Jeep Grand Cherokee) is over on the next row and I tell Christina that I am going around a few trees in the parking lot to get to the car. I look back around once I get past the trees and I see Christina stop by mid 90’s Chevy Trailblazer. I look back with a confused look on my face. Well, Christina opens the back door to this car. She gets in the backseat and with the dome light shining down on her, I can see her buckling the seatbelt. I begin to walk back towards the Trailblazer and look right at her.

"What are you doing? You are in the wrong car!" I yell back at her.

I continue to walk towards the Trailblazer and finally, Christina figures out something is wrong. Evidently, the fishing pole jamming her in the back, my confused look on my face, and Terra almost dropping down to her knees because of laughter in the middle of the parking lot made Christina realize that something was wrong. She got out of the vehicle really fast and ran by me in a Napoleon-Dynamite-like trot.

Nathan had been listening to a voicemail and just began to figure out what had happened. Terra and I made it back to Nathan’s car tried to ask Christina what had just happened. We began to laugh and we didn’t stop laughing about the incident until we got all the way to the Johnson exit on 540.


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