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Friday, August 18, 2006

19 Reasons Why I Miss The Stegers Now That They Moved To Disneyworld

Here's looking at you...
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1. I don't get anymore random text messages from Andrew.

2. "We are coming over to your place to eat dinner tonight," even when I hadn't planned on cooking that night.

3. Virginia always seems to have a smile on her face.

4. The fact that never Virginia never said, "Lafe, don't give my husband any more crazy ideas."

5. Andrew was the only friend of mine in NWA that likes NASCAR.

6. Roadtrippin' in to Little Rock with Andrew.

7. Yelling out "My apologies!" with Andrew.

8. Eating pizza with Andrew and Virginia.

9. The fact that they never minded if I was the third wheel.

10. Andrew and Virginia always laughed with me and not at me. Even when it would be easy to laugh at "8 drink Lafe."

11. They were just fun to talk with at the Greenhouse.

12. Virginia always trying to fix me up with former, hot American Idol winners.

13. Andrew always had a funny/angry story about a wireless company that he worked for.

14. Andrew's trash talking abilities at the poker table.

15. Eating at McDonald's with Andrew, even though we don't like McDonald's that much.

16. Talkin' Bar-B-Q with Andrew...Mmmmm Bar-B-Q.

17. They had the most comfortable chair in their apartment.

18. Andre now works at a job that I could find endless amount of joke material for, but he now lives a thousand miles away.

19. They are some of the best friends a person can have.


Blogger Shelli said...

I'm doing a "laugh / cry / laugh / boo hoo bawling" thing right now.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Virginia said...

i heard that the Stegers miss you too. Thanks for the post, Lafe, you're the best. We also really miss your chicken sandwiches. ;)


4:38 PM  

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