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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brigham Young Would Be So Proud

Utah residents heard that Jim and Lafe Benson will soon be traveling through their fine state, so they decided to welcome them in high style...

Evidently a man in Utah has become despondent with his neighbor's constant complaints about his house, so he decided to let them enjoy some artwork of a "cactus."

I can think of two people I know that have had problems with neighbor before, my dad and my buddy Matt, and I can see both of them doing something like this. I actually encouraged Matt to do something like this. Also, for the record, my dad didn't have a problem with his neighbor, he had a problem with "That Son Of A Bitch That Lives Next Door To Us!"

(P.S. Dad, if we don't stop to see this house, I will be disappointed...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


it was actually asshole that lived next door,he rolled snake eyes a couple of weeks ago.
got wiring checked out yesterday,spedo doesn't work but that is ok because i will get timed by someone else.

6:14 AM  

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