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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rooting For An Alright Guy

Todd Snider performing "Anywhere" which is my absolute favorite song in the world...It is the song I always sing in the shower...

Todd Snider has been everywhere lately, and that is a good thing. I have seen a blurb about him in the latest issue of Esquire. He was on the Tonight Show a week ago. Every channel on XM seems to have been playing his latest single. There has been quite a buzz for his latest album, The Devil You Know.

Finally, Todd Snider is getting his due.

There are really only two reasons to go to the Dickson Street Theater: The Grove and when Todd Snider comes to town. His live shows are infamous. He tells stories that sometimes don't make sense, but are always funny. He can't tune a guitar, so he usually just picks up another one when the one he is playing gets out of tune. He writes songs from a poor man/hippy point of view. He writes about the not so glamours side of life. Whether that is a song about Judge Judy, a song about meeting a woman at a hospital cafeteria, a couple of frat guys just trying to buy beer while underage, or just getting away from life driving down the road. His can turn from funny to sheer beauty in the beat of a heart.

When Dave Matthews Band hit it big, a lot of their old fans resented them for making it big. They wanted some sort of fan ownership DMB. They wanted to have a cool factor of liking a band that no one really knew about. Todd's fans, I suspect, won't be like that. Anyone that owns one of his albums or has been to one of his shows wants Todd Snider to be big time.


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